VIET FISH 2020 will be rescheduled to 25 – 27 August 2021 at the Sai Gon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) Ho Chi Minh City – Viet Nam.


Why VIET FISH 2020 was canceled?

Due to the Covid 19, the number of new Covid cases are increasing so the priority is to control the epidemic and limit the movement among countries to ensure safety and prevent pandemic outbreaks. Therefore, VIET FISH 2020 will be canceled.

Moreover, VIET FISH is a specialized seafood market for exporting enterprises with the majority of customers from aboard countries. Therefore, the organization of the VIET FISH 2020 also depends greatly on the anti-epidemic situation of countries in the world. However, the disease situation is still unstable and complicated.


What do you know about the VIET FISH?

Since established 1998, VIET FISH has become the leading fisheries show place in Asia. At VIET FISH, Visitors are offered of the tremendous variety of service and strong line up from froze seafood to value – added products.
VIET FISH also comprehensive view  of Vietnamese aquaculture industry’s transformation to trade visitors; toward more sustainable, social and environmental responsibility through innovative services and products which will be show casting at the event.


Why should we attend VIET FISH 2021?

Chart: Break down trader visitors acquired fields

VIET FISH 2021 will welcome a large number of visitors who find partner, exporter and importer or market research…. At the event, there are many leading seafood enterprises at Viet Nam and some countries at ASIA.

VIET NAM FISHES will attend VIET FISH 2021 and look forward to this event, this is an opportunity for us to meet close customer and the same time establish new partnership, expand market to bring Viet Nam Seafood to international. We hope to have opportunity meet you at VIET FISH 2021.

Made by: Viet Nam Fishes team

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