Our Inspector team, who gained more than 15years’ experience in the ­eld of seafood. Beside that, they all used to hold important positions in world inspection companies such as BV, Intertek, SGS, etc., which should convince you of their specialized skills and knowledge.

We can support your competitive edge

With Quality Assurance across your supply chain

To give you the quality standard for new purchasing product of seafood

By reducing cost, safety, and security risks

We control strictly based on each speci­c standard for each product and issuing the inspection report/certification for inspected products.

  • Pakaging artwork (Pakaging information): Color of carton/rider/bag – the information on the carton/rider/bag compared with artwork – Dimension – Quality of material

. Appearance: Color – Smell – Taste – Texture – Shape – Uniformity

  • Weight: Gross weight – Net weight including glazing– Drained net weight
  • Glazing: The appearance of glazing
  • Count: Number of pieces per packaging unit – Weight of each piece
  • Sensory Testing: By Touching – Smelling – Tasting – Cooking and Trying samples

· Defects: Blood spot – Skin – Broken – Undersized – Oversized – Mushy – Foreign Matters – Moisture – PH – Bone remain, etc.